Allan Iversen from Tokerød Plus

Hello! My name is Allan Iversen and I’m 37 years old. I’ve been working at Tokerød Plus since first of July. As of now I am a Digital Conveyor, managing social media and taking care of their online appearance while keeping an eye on new technological advances that we can use in the company. I also make video tutorials about different sujects, like “how to make a linkedin company profile”. We make them in Danish, as most tutorials are in English and we want to change that.

I found the job while working as a Communication Worker in Greenland, where I got in touch with Harald Tokerød, the CEO of Tokerød Plus. I lived there for three years, learning about their culture and experiencing their amazing nature. Now, when I’m back in Denmark, I miss the food and nature, so I have bought a little rowboat. Sailing in the rivers of Fyn makes me connect with nature and feel the peace, which can be greatly needed when you have a wife and a 2 year old child at home.
It’s probably also why one of my favorite kinds of food is a “Shooting Star”, a Halibut fish that is steamed and cooked on the pan.

I take a few pictures myself, and going through the towns of Greenland made me want to shoot the old fishers down there. It was like you could see the years directly on their thick skinned faces, very fascinating. The biggest difference in culture between Danes and Greenlanders would be humility. In Denmark, we often try to budge our way past others to get what we want, while Greenlanders can almost be too passive. I’d prefer a middle way between these two extremes.


Photo by James Allen Stewart Photography

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