Søren Korsholm Poulsen from Curious






My name is Søren Korsholm Poulsen and I am the second half of a two man programming company called Curious. We discovered Coworking when our last office space was sold, and we thought that the location was great, but also that the people here were open-minded and had the kind of energy that gives you a drive and makes you want to hang out with them.
I am a programmer and have been programming since I was 9 years old. I received a Commodore 64 for my 8-year birthday, and started programming it 1 year later. After that I always just knew that I was going to be a programmer.

When I am working on a hardcore project alone, a project that is logically hard to figure out, I enjoy listening to rain in my headphones, I even sometimes just google “White noise” and listen to static, or sounds from a Café where people are not talking about you so you can kinda block all of it out. It’s the best to work alone on a Café, or in a train! I can certainly recommend trying it out.

Besides programming, I have an interest in a variety of things. I own two 3D printers, I enjoy gaining knowledge about filosophy, psychology, and electronics, and now I’m considering going into gene manipulation, for example with plants. Somehow.

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