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Hello, my name is Asbjørn Sand, and I am 28. I’m a freelance photographer for newspapers and magazines where I do editorials, business portraits and coverage of events and people. My latest project for “Ud&Se” is about skateboarding, which is very personal to me as I have been skating for 16 years. In Northern Jutland in a little town there is a new tendency to skate, and I have been covering how they use this as a pedagogical tool, for an example, as special education in the local school. Skateboarding was also what introduced me to photography. It’s given me a broad network as many different people love to skate, and I have been photographing it for 7 years. I am in the long process of turning about 50 of my 75.000 photos into a book about youth, love, friendships, and about having kids and growing up while maintaining your identity.

I’ve been at Coworking Odense for 1½ years, and I mainly use the place to get away from my house. I think staying at home and working can make you crazy without human contact, and at Coworking you can meet people and feel like something is going on around you.

When I don’t have anything to do, I sit in my outhouse at the allotment house I own, while reading and maybe take care of the garden which is something I’ve started doing after buying the allotment house.
Skateboarding has introduced me to photography, but the feelings behind photography has kept me to it. For me, photography can show some layers that words can not. I’m not that interested in the climax of perfection, I’m more interested in what happens in between, the moment where we are just us, where there is a sort of peace and ease.
When I’m photographing for example a business leader, I spend most of the time talking to them and walking around. When I get a good connection with a person, I also get good pictures. Photography is a second priority while working. The most important part is by far that the person I meet has a good experience with me.

Photo and interview by: James Allen Stewart
Asbjørn Sand:

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