Kilian Ulsamer – Architect at Coworking Plus

My name is Kilian Ulsamer, and I’m coming from Würzburg in the south of Germany.

I have a masters degree in architecture, explicitly “building with existing structures.” At the moment I’m working with designing and building the new interior for Coworking Plus and also with refurbishment projects in single-family housing.

I choose this path because I like the idea of reusing material and unfolding the potential of existing building structures. Reading and using the potentials of an old building right, often allows creating a deeper and more interesting expression. “You can’t just paint patina on.”

One of the most exciting things about my job is collaborating with passionate people from various directions. Exchanging all kinds of different skills, knowledge, and expertise always keeps you learning and developing. I once worked at for an architecture office in Germany where the owner, a great architect with a really old school approach, was the boss and a great teacher at the same time. Being thrown into the cold water with a lot of responsibilities but with a very humane guidance whenever needed, was definitely one of the most significant learning experiences in my career.

My work means a lot to me, but the most important things in my life are my friends and family. Now I’m expecting my first child in March, so that will intensify the meaning of family even more.

Photo credit: Rebecca Brincker